Original advert by Fleet Stamp Club in 1946

Original advert by Fleet Stamp Club in 1946

In the beginning there were “Lone Collectors”.

Then in November 1946 the newly formed Fleet and District Stamp Club sprang into life with an exhibition held in the Gymnasium in Albert Street. So on Saturday 16th visitors were regaled with a large number of exhibits when the doors opened at 2.15pm. Somewhat differently to modern practice the doors closed at 10p.m. just in time for a quick `half’ on the way home.

Not so different was the fact that the prizes for the various competitive classes were won by the same three or four people although the order changed for each section. Notable amongst those organising the event or judging the exhibits were Mrs.H.Todd, Col. Anson McCleverty, Lieut-Col H.O.Caroli and Mr.W.Edmonds, the latter being the Hon. Secretary.

Things jogged along until in 1953 the Society opted for a name change to Fleet & North Hants Philatelic Society. This was mainly instigated by two founding members, Bryan Wood and Peter.W. Parkes. Peter became the Hon. Secretary and remained so for many years.

Over time the Society has expanded and contracted on an irregular basis. Today we issue a warm welcome to anyone interested in stamps and their associated regimes. We have a wide ranging programme with something to interest everyone from absolute beginner to international expert. Apart from speakers, both local and guest, we have opportunities for buying and selling in the local Packet Circuit and the Annual Auction

Now there are “Together Collectors”.