January 30th saw a quite reasonable turnout for the Competition Evening. It appeared that nobody in the Society was interested in Thematics or Postal History this year, but there was interest in the other sections.

The “starter” competition, the Whitfield Bowl, one sheet on any subject, was the most entered and was won by David Maddock with a sheet on the “First Helicopter Mail in Sweden”.

The Kiddle Cup, 15 sheets and 5 minutes chat went to our Secretary John Holmes with his entry on the “William Oliver Jersey Stamp Collection”.

The Farmer Trophy, 9 sheets of Traditional also went to John Holmes with “Air Letters from my Uncle in Africa”

The Society Trophy, 16sheets, stamps, thematic or postal history was claimed by Graham Woodhouse with “Sarawak 1895 issue production and progress”

Finally the Czuczman Jug which had been reassigned to 9 sheets of postcards was won jointly by David Maddock with “Raphael Kirchner Art Nouveau postcards” and John Holmes with “British Birds of Prey”. The winners agreed to drink out of the jug for 6 months each