The May AGM started with a moments silence in memory of Francis Kiddle who had reigned as President for many years.

Bob Murrell took the chair and the evening proceeded rapidly through the usual plethora of official and unofficial items and reports. There was a lively series of exchanges regarding the objectives and financial viability of the Annual without agreeing any major changes.

The meeting was informed that the ad-hoc Committee was currently investigating an update of the Constitution and once this was completed and agreed then there may be changes to the operation and running of the Society. Meanwhile Bob Murrell was elected as President, John Holmes as Secretary and Mike Czuczman as Auction Manager (all unopposed). Other positions would be filled on a temporary basis as needed until the new Constitution was in place.

Members had been asked to bring items to show after the meeting. Joe Robertson gave a lengthy exposition on the Postage Dues of Ireland after the start of the Free State. Apparently no one had though about Postage Dues so the state was supplied and used Great Britain dues. This gave rise to some confusing usages all of which were on show and explained. Whether the attendees understood was not clear but it was a powerful finish to the evening.